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Our mission is to make payments

Over the last few years we have been working hard to build a new account that we hope will transform the way people and businesses pay and are paid. We set out to address some fundamental problems in the payments business – giving personal and business users a better way to pay and be paid. For that reason we decided to become regulated and join the very heart of the banking payments network, thus enabling us to provide accounts that operate like current or bank accounts. We aim to make our accounts easy to access – via any mobile or web device and via integrated interfaces (APIs). The account is collaborative and social in its design, it increases safety and security to the highest standards and at significantly lower prices than traditional payment methods.

Our Realex Fire Personal Account is now available to consumers based in the Republic of Ireland. If you are a business or a consumer from another region and wish to register your interest please do so here. We plan to extend the service to more countries and launch a business account. Over the coming period we will be adding new features and capability to the personal account.

Realex Fire
Realex Fire

Personal Account

A Realex Fire Personal Account is like a bank account in that we are connected to the banking network, but we make it social, safer, accessible and cheaper to pay and be paid. Opening an account is completed online and is instant. You can transfer funds from other bank accounts, create a circle of people that you pay, send payment requests, pay people, get notified on facebook when payments are made and best of all, we won't charge you any transaction fees. You can open an account here. Once you open an account online, you can download our mobile apps which will give you the ability to request, make and manage your payments on the go.

Once you open your first account, you can also add additional accounts and transfer funds as you wish, to help keep track of your finances.

Realex Fire

Business Account

Our Realex Fire Business Account is currently in development and will be launched in beta mode soon. The account will provide businesses of all types - sole traders, charities, corporate, online, clubs, schools etc. with a new bank style account that will allow for real time, low risk, low cost payment processing. We intend to connect to several banking networks across Europe and to support multiple currencies. The account will also be accessible in an integrated fashion (APIs) enabling all types of businesses to deeply integrate payment processing into their applications and systems.

Realex Fire

Who We Are

Realex Fire

Realex Financial Services Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (C58301). We are based in the “silicon docks” area of Dublin, Ireland. We provide Payment Accounts to consumers and businesses.

The business is registered as a limited company in Ireland and operated under the name of Carapay Limited from 2009 until July 2013, at which time the name was changed to Realex Financial Services Limited.

Realex Financial Services Limited has its registered office at The Observatory, 7-11 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland, and its company number is 464819. Realex Financial Services Limited is a subsidiary of Pay and Shop Limited. Pay and Shop Limited, trading as Realex Payments provides payment processing services to businesses, since 2000, has 170 staff, offices in Dublin, London & Paris and processes over €20bn per annum for over 12,000 clients.

Both Realex Payments and Realex Financial Services Limited were founded by award winning payments entrepreneur Colm Lyon. Find out more about Colm Lyon via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Realex Fire

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